Impact Program

Program Description:

The Equitable Access to Performing Arts Program of HBCU Arts has been created to help subsidize the financial expenses associated with the purchase, repair and/or replacement of instruments, equipment, and performance attire of HBCU performing arts and youth pipeline performing arts programs.


How will funds be used?

Funds will be used to help subsidize performing arts costs. Specifically, HBCU Arts will create:

(a) Instrument Support Grants – to help subsidize costs associated with the purchasing and/or repair of instruments

(b) Performing Arts Attire Grants – to help subsidize costs associated with the purchase, repair, or replacement of performing arts attire (e.g. uniforms, supplemental merchandise)

(c) Arts Education – to cover expenses associated with developing and hosting exposure opportunities to learn about the various career/workforce opportunities within the performing arts industry.


Problem Statement

Funding for arts programs continues to lag behind. Federally, only about .003 percent of the federal budget is allocated to the National Endowment for the Arts. For HBCUs and many schools composed of families with low or inadequate financial resources, the discrepancy for art funding is even more pronounced. One of the most vital financial expenses associated with performing arts is the cost of instruments and performance attire. Indeed, such costs often interfere or limit a student’s ability to continue participation in a performing arts program. As such, HBCU Arts is committed to reducing this barrier thus enabling more students to experience the joy of performing.